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Although I have been interested in steam locomotives since I was a youngster, it was 30+ years ago that the thought of building my own locomotives and was influenced by a  friend.

I started with a small horizontal mill engine model. This is a Stuart S50 Mill engine it took a few months to build and is now that run-in, that it only requires ones own breath to  send it spinning.

Then the thought of building a proper locomotive was discussed. The acquisition of a box of castings, frame steel and drawing which came available at the right price, this brought forth my first 3 1/2" gauge loco.

This loco and tender is a Derby '4F' design, many were to be seen on the local tracks hauling both passenger and freight ( coal ) trains. It took me about 5 years to get the loco steaming and another 2 years to get round to painting it. Not in the  black livery of LMS/BR days but in Crimson Lake, the colour of the old Midland  Railway which owned the local tracks in the pre-grouping days.

Steaming my loco  at the Chesterfield & District  Model Engineers Track

About 20+ years ago, this 'friend' of mine persuaded me to start on a larger project   ( as in cost / size / time ) this time a traction engine. A number of us locally thought that the "Ruston and Procter light tractor" would be an ideal subject for construction, each building their own tractor and helping each other with the project.

In the end every one has done their own building and all were at different stages of construction.

Click on the image  for more photos

I have kits for a couple of other small stationary engines to build, when I have some free time!!!

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